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Why Last-Minute Hook Ups are Never a Good Idea

Posted January 15, 2013 by in SEX


We’ve all been there. It probably wasn’t your intention at the beginning of the night, but now that you’ve taken your fair share of shots, mixed with a few bourbon cokes, you’d be damned if you go home alone.

The ringing of “Last call!” from the bartender echos in your head, drunkenly looking around for someone, anyone, you can try to save your night with. You stumble over to the person who may or may not have been drunkenly making eyes with you, and you begin Phase I of your game-running routine, (which is most likely straight to the point by this time). Slurred words are exchanged, and, congratulations, you’re not going home alone tonight.

Success right? Wrong! You wake-up next to a person so unattractive, that there’s no need to even make excuses for them to leave, you just go and take a shower for two hours and try to scrub away the decisions from last night. Think of it this way, look at a picture of yourself when you’re completely sober, and compare it to one when you’re completely tanked. Right? Doubtful that your sober self would give your drunken self the time of day.

Here’s a bit of advice: Instead of finding your last ditch “dream guy/girl,” just do yourself a favor and give that ex a drunk dial, or call it a night. It’s way better than going home with the mistake your friends won’t soon let you forget.


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