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Campus Tour: Vanderbilt University

Posted March 27, 2012 by in SCHOOL

There’s so many colleges out there, it’s impossible to party at ‘em all. With the help of our fans, (and a little personal liver damage), to handle each school’s “uniqueness,” we give you the must-do’s when you hit the town. Think of us as the Travel Channel, loaded with binge drinking and black-outs.

This week we give it to you from Vanderbilt University. We can’t take responsibility for what you do, but we can help you apologize for everything you don’t remember doing. Gather those receipts and try and get your story straight, we’re taking you on the ultimate college tour!

Overdraft Fees (Go-to Bars):

1. Paradise Park – 411 Broadway (Downtown strip – 10 minute cab from Campus)

There’s nothing better than a trailer park party… or at least an indoor one. With astroturf from wall to wall, feel free to “toast a little to your homies,” and act like a complete redneck. The cheap booze and live music will get you shakin’ it in front of the stage, and depending what day you got, they may even bust out the cornhole boards for you.

2. Broadway Brewhouse  1900 Broadway (8 minute walk from Campus)

If you’re really looking to apologize the next day, and maybe score a little one-night stand, here’s your place. It’s not uncommon for the “one-in, one-out” rule to take effect on the weekends, and the talent (both bros and chicks), is in full force. Those milkshake looking things everyone has? Those are bushwhackers. Order, sip, feel good.

3. Tin Roof – 1516 Demonbreun St. (Demonbreun strip – 10 minute walk from Campus)

As with any college bar, you’re going to find a bevy of attractive, drunk coeds. Tin Roof (and the surrounding strip of dives) offers up some of the best. There’s a stage in the back for you music lovers, and multiple bars to run-up your tab. Just remember to tip after you realize you just spent all your birthday cash. Thanks Grandma!

Late Night Eats:

1. Cafe Coco – 210 Louise Ave. (Off of Elliston – 5 minute walk from Campus)

Be prepared to stand in line, fight for a table, and try to sneak after hour brews from the back bartender, ‘cause this joint bumps once the bars close. If a good drunk conversation with strangers is your thing, order the Turkey Roc and get after it!

2. Wendy’s – 2603 West End Ave. (Corner of West End and Natchez Trace – 5 minute walk from Campus)

You can grab a JBC at any old Wendy’s, right? If that’s your mindset, fuck you! Stumbling into this little redhead’s digs will be like going to a whole new party, where you’ll run into friends and strangers alike. Recommendation from the menu? Easy, grab a baconator and feel good about doing it.

3. Paradise Park – 411 Broadway (Downtown strip – 10 minute cab from Campus)

Conjoined with the watering hole next door, you’ll find a line full of country guys and gals, waiting to chow on such delicacies as corn dogs, burgers, and their famous tater tots. With nothing over $10 on the menu, we’d say this fits your bill… get it?

Hangover Helpers:

1. Fido – 1812 21st Ave. (Hillsboro Village strip – 5 minute walk from Campus)

You haven’t showered, wreak of booze, and pretty much look like horse dick, so why not surround yourself amongst attractive people? This coffee shop is a people watcher’s dream, (keep an eye out for Taylor Swift); so slur your order of the Hangover Bomb and try not to pass out while devouring it.

2. McDougal’s Chicken – 2115 Belcourt Ave. (Hillsboro Village – 5 minute walk from Campus)

Their outdoor seating will only help sweat out all that shit from the night before. The grease from the fries and fried chicken (or tossed if you’re into that health thing), will help absorb it. And the spicy sauces your strips are tossed in will help you get rid of it appropriately.

3. Pancake Pantry – 1796 21st Ave. (Hillsboro Village strip – 5 minute walk from Campus)

If you have the patience for a 45 minutes holdup (aka, you didn’t wake up drawn allover), we recommend this Nashville staple. The food’s cheap, the serving’s are enormous, and Man vs. Food host Adam Richman gives it the thumbs up! If that’s not enough to cover the wait, we don’t know what is.


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