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The Mad Men Drinking Game (with GIFs!)

Posted June 11, 2013 by in DRUNK

Dapper looking men that drink, smoke and sleep with anything that’s got a hole between its legs? Either you’ve just gone back in time to the 60s, or you’ve been watching Mad Men. Right now, Mad Men is in its sixth season and if you’ve never seen it before PLEASE do. These guys in 1960s New York sure know how to put em away with Don Draper at the helm of the advertising ship. Men want to be him and women love to hate him but still want to be with him anyway. You just can’t ignore a smooth talking mysteriously tall, dark and handsome man. So in the spirit of Don Draper and all things drinking, we bring you Sorry For Partying’s official Mad Men drinking game!

Take a drink whenever…


Betty gives mad bitch face


Anyone pours a drink


Anyone lights a cigarette


Don Draper sleeps with someone that ISN’T his wife


Finish Your Drink When…

Drugs are used


Don Draper actually sleeps with his wife

Pete Campbell gets punched (because he deserves it)

Something crazy like this happens

Someone actually throws up from drinking too much (bonus points if its Don)


 Happy drinking! 

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  1. Natasha Suri

    Jessica Gusman ok ill watch with you now

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