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One Night Stand Escape Plans

You’re in foreign territory, and all you want to do is go home and nurse yourself back to sobriety...


How Guys Can Benefit from the Lulu Dating App

Players, slackers, and all-around partiers: we at Sorry for Partying have your backs.


Tinder Diaries: At First Glance

We’ve been swiping away, shamelessly judging people based on their pictures and music preferences to present you with credible, unbiased research

American Drive in Movie Theatre

Drive-Ins Are Still Awesome

Not only are drive-ins famous for being makeout city (and sometimes other things) but its one of the coolest things to happen to movies.


How To Make Him Jealous

In 5 steps or less this is how you'll grab his attention


The Shacker Closet

After a good or bad one night stand you want a souvenir from the night's activities. You can't just shack and then leave with nothing!


Why You’re Never Getting Out Of The Friend Zone

Here are 5 ways to why they're not dreaming of you at night...


3 Ways Fast Food and Porn are Basically the Same

When you’re sad and alone, there’s nothing like a good $1 junior cheeseburger to cheer you up. It’s quick, dirty, and satisfies you in a way nothing else can.


Tinder Diaries: A Defense

We’re now on Tinder, and we’ll be cheerleaders for the app until shit gets weird.


Worst Pick-Up Lines Ever

Creepy guys take note, we've compiled the top 5 worst pick-up lines, so don't try using them anymore because they aren't getting you anywhere!