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Road to Recovery

Being sick sucks, but do these things to get back in the drinking game!


Partying With Old People is Cool

Just remember to get these old folks before they doze off for their naps...


Five U.S. Cities You Need To Party In

Screw Kayak, we can plan your next trip right here!


The Ultimate College Bucket List

Now that you're on campus, start crossing these off your bucket list!

Meeting the Neighbours (2/3)

Meet the Neighbors

It's crucial you set the neighborhood guidelines early.


Things to Bring to a Party

You never want to be the one who brings chips and dip.


Six Things You’ll Learn From Alcohol This Semester

What else did you expect to learn in college?


A Beginners Guide to Day Drinking

It's almost 10am, do you know where your beer is?


Party Preparations

Your parents are gone, so let's throw a damn rager!


Livin’ It Up

If you can remember your night's out, than you're not trying hard enough.