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Party Theme of the Week: BLT Party

Who doesn’t want to throw and awesome rager?  That’s what we though, nobody.  But to make a rager awesome, you’ve got to have an epic theme, a sick playlist, great booze, and creative costumes.  How the hel...


5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Give Up On Amanda Bynes

If you don’t live under a rock, you know about Amanda Bynes’ recent rough patch. However, this is not Hollywood’s average Lindsay Lohan decline, nor is it the classic Courtney Love no point of return. Here at ...


What Not to Do on Spring Break

When drunk as hell on Spring Break, you want to avoid these mistakes.


Babysitters of Every Party

Just like growing up, there's a variety of babysitters out there.


Drink Your Way Towards Graduation

There's no need to be "Undecided" any longer...


Drinking Resolutions

Here are some drinking resolutions to actually stick to this year!


The People You Don’t Want To Run Into At Parties

Partying's great! Being stuck talking to these people? Not so much.


Spice Up Your Life

The year's fun should be just beginning!


10 Celebs Worth Partying With

These celebs are definitely A-list partiers!


5 Reasons We Love Oktoberfests

We leave little doubt as to why October is the best month of the year.