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What To Wear To Any Concert

Always dress for chugging!


Reasons Why North West And Blue Ivy Will Never Be Friends

From the minute Kim K. got pregnant, the world knew Blue Ivy would soon have some competition.


Mean Girls: Rapper Edition

It's a fact that you can not watch Mean Girls without turning into some kind of quoting monster. The movie exemplifies so many people's high school experiences (though exaggerated) and you can't help but scope out the Regina or...

PARTNER POST: SumoSkinny’s “Nicki Minaj Aiming to Be Bigger Than HOVA”

Editor’s Note: Our crew at SumoSkinny knows their is no one bigger than Jay-Z. Doesn’t matter if it’s 1997, or 2012, dude’s always on top of the game. So when they heard Nicki Minaj actually said she&#...