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Keeping Your Contacts Organized

After a few weeks, or even mere days in college, you should have plenty of numbers. And the chances of you remembering that girl’s number from $2 Tuesdays is slim. Maybe even more slim than she is without your beer goggles on...


The Best Drinking Games for Hooking Up

Get drunk. Get laid. Simple.


10 Photos of Underage Drinking at Its Finest

Check their ID's, 'cause there's no way they're legal!


Why Your Girlfriend Hates the NCAA Tourney

It's tourney time. Welcome to the longest dry spell of your life guys.


What Not to Do on Spring Break

When drunk as hell on Spring Break, you want to avoid these mistakes.

01-31-09 Angel

5 Ways To Drink Discretely

Because sometimes you've got to hide your alcoholism.