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Superfans of the Week: 1/4-1/10

Posted January 11, 2013 by in SUPERFANS


Each day we get tons of emails from the bullshit our fans get into each night. Do we think they all have a drinking problem? Maybe. Do we cause problems when we drink? Without a doubt.

And since we love you so much, we rank the top-3 partiers of the week, and award them with a little swag to show-off their hangover proudly.


If you have to pass out, this is a good way to be remembered.


This is a good way to pay off all those student loans… and a lot more fun!


We’re really hoping the necklaces weren’t the only “laying” they got.


Got a pic of you or your friends doing everything so wrong, yet feeling so right? Let us judge you by emailing, or “throwing up” on our Facebook page. Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to hold your hair back.


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