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Spring Break Essentials

Posted January 10, 2012 by in SCHOOL

By Eden Amans

We’ve all had those trips when we piled into the back of a minivan, headed for the beach, and “enjoyed” eight hours of our family’s company. Thankfully, we’ve teamed-up with Student City to avoid that at all costs – while giving you the Spring Break you deserve.

Second semester may not have started yet, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about the warm beaches in Florida or Mexico. So get 16 of your friends – and we’ll pay for your trip (seriously!) – and start checking these Spring Break essentials off your list. We’re sure your Winter Break hangover’s still eating you… which is just another reason to start planning your next one!

Alcohol: Duh! What the hell is Spring Break without alcohol? If you’re on this site, this better be a given.

Sunglasses: Sunglasses are definitely essential for Spring Break. First of all, you better be going somewhere fucking sunny, it’s Spring Break. Second of all, sunglasses are the easiest way to scope the crowd without looking like a complete creep. Whether you’re looking for hot guys or hot chicks, sunglasses will give you the opportunity to avoid having to make eye contact and let you roam freely. It’s also a great way to mask a gnarly hangover… which with undoubtedly happen.

A Bikini: Since you’ll be somewhere hot, you definitely need to look hot… and you’ll probably be in a bathing suit about 80% of the time. This goes for guys and girls. It’s completely mandatory for girls to be out in full force – baring skin, getting tan, and looking hot. What better way to do that than in a bikini? And guys, well, you’ll want to be where the bikinis are, so you better dress the part. Make sure it fits, it’s sexy, and you’re comfortable doing just about anything in it… but don’t be afraid to lose it!

A Camera: A lot of weird/cool/random shit happens during Spring Break. It’s an insane week of non-stop, 24-hour parties. You’re going to want to capture this magical moment – because there’s no way in hell you remember it! A camera’s necessary not only to remember this out of control vacation, but to hold it against anyone that had a slip up (which should be just about everyone in your group at one point). Make sure you get those sloppy make-out sessions, bathing suit malfunctions, and nights spent on the bathroom floor all documented on film. You’re going to have to make this blackmail last an entire year.

A Souvenir: A souvenir can be just about anything, but for Spring Break, you need something to remember your trip by, since most of your actual memories will (hopefully) be pretty hazy. Sure, the camera will help, but you want something you can put in your dorm, office, or wherever you can look everyday to remind you of the fun you could be having. Whether its someone else’s bathing suit, an empty bottle, or a stolen street sign, you have to come back with something. Just try to make sure it isn’t permanent…

Some Friends: The best thing about Spring Break is doing a bunch of insane shit with people you know, in a place you don’t. Get yourself a damn crew. Spring Break would be pointless if you didn’t have at least one wingman that can corroborate your epic stories when you both head back to reality. Besides, someone’s got to distract the hot girl’s ugly friend.

A Destination: We’ve got you covered here! Get on board with our Sorry For Partying Spring Break trips to Cancun or Panama City, and get ready to party your asses off! Don’t miss out on these awesome deals, awesome opportunities, and out of control rage-fests. One request – Don’t blame us for the debauchery you’ll be getting in.

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