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Rage Cage

Posted February 7, 2012 by in DRUNK

By Eden Amans

The newest drinking game to generate buzz at frats everywhere is Rage Cage. Haven’t heard of it? Don’t worry, we’ll keep you in the know. It’s a sick game that will get everyone at the party really weird and excited, but be warned, it gets loud, sloppy, and messy.

Combining beer pong, quarters and flip cup, it’s pretty simple to explain and catch on. To make it easy, here’s how you play:


What You’ll Need:

2 Pong Balls

Solo Cups (The more cups, the longer the game)

Beer… Any doubt?

3 or More Players


Place all but two cups in the center of the table in a clump. Fill each of the cups a quarter of the way full with your trusty brew, with a full cup in the dead center. Give an empty cup and a ping pong ball to two players on the opposite ends of the table to start.

How To Play:

The players with the ping pong balls try to bounce them into the cups like quarters. The ball must bounce only once before going in. Players keep trying until they make the cup. Once the ball makes it in, the cup and ball is passed to the left to the next player.

However, if the player makes the cup on their first attempt, they can pass the cup to whomever they want in the circle. This is where you get people to drink. The strategy is to pass the cup to the player behind the other cup. If he makes his cup before the other player, he can stack his cup onto the other players and force him to take a drink from the center.

While they’re drinking, the stack is passed to the player on the drinking player’s left, and the drinking player must chug and then continue to attempt to make a ball into his empty cup.

As the game continues, it gets harder and harder as the stacked cups are higher and more difficult to make. When all the cups from the center are gone, the game ends. At this point, the cups should all be stacked, with the last cup in front of the “winning” player.

Other Rules:

If a ball misses the cup and bounces into one of the middle cups with beer, the player must drink that cup before continuing the game.

Having trouble following all this? Here’s a hint: it gets you really drunk, so go with these rules, or create your own spin on it to have the drunkest time possible!

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