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PARTNER POST: SumoSkinny’s “Preparing For A Girl To Spend The Night”

Posted March 13, 2012 by in SEX

Editor’s Note: Our friends at SumoSkinny know what’s up with one-night stands, and since we’re always looking for advice on how to get the girl home before we get in too deep with the conversation, we can certainly use their advice. Now if only they could tell us how to actually get girls to come home with us so we had to deal with such a dilemma…?


Well your night is ending just how you wanted it too. You convinced the girl that you were working on all night to head back to your room with you.  She is ready to go so you head back. All of a sudden the mental image of how you left your room flashes by your eyes. The left over pizza box, the laundry you were too lazy to fold, the full trashcan, and not to mention the smell of stale beer.

You don’t want her to think you are a total slob because you’ve been playing “I’m classy” card all night. All your roommates are still at the party you just left and there is no one you can call to clean up before you get back. You might be screwed.  The only advice we can give you now is to just think ahead for next time and not make the same mistake.

Quick Sidenote: Your room is a direct correlation of who you are as a person. So before you leave the house make sure it shows that.

Here are some ways you can always be prepared for a girl to spend the night.

Clean It: Thursday afternoon when you get out of class, clean your room. Put your dirty clothes in the hamper, empty your trashcan, get a little crazy and maybe vacuum. In most cases your room in college isn’t that big, so this shouldn’t take more then 20 minutes. You don’t want her to freak out and real dirty and unconfortable when she enters it for the first time.

Before You Leave: Before you leave your room for the night, make sure everything looks respectable. Spray some Febreze and close the door. Now we hate making our beds but we will always freshen up the blankets and lay them out. It looks way better than a giant ball of sheets. Plus it’s a nice touch.

Clothes Set Aside: Almost always when girls spend the night, they are not prepared for it. So chances are they are coming over in a very small, tight dress or another outfit that they probably do not want to “sleep” in. This is why we recommend having a spare set of sweats/shorts and a t-shirt ready for them. IMPORTANT: Make sure these are not your favorite sweats/shorts and t-shirt because chances are you will never see them again.

Late-Night Munchies: After or before you do whatever the two of you plan on doing, she is going to be hungry. At this point it’s probably around three in the morning and nowhere is delivering anymore so you should probably have some snackage in your room. Keep in simple, nothing to messy. We recommend something like Cheez-It, or Ruffles.

The Next Morning: She wakes up with a massive hangover. Well good thing you stocked your room with bottled water and Motrin before the weekend started. We always offer the girl a ride home in the morning, but if that isn’t your cup of tea, we recommend you keep a list of cab numbers in the drawer of your desk.

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