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Occupy Christmas

Posted December 13, 2011 by in DRUNK

By Eden Amans


What do you think Santa does on his days off when he isn’t sitting around in shopping centers charging an arm and a leg for a polaroid, standing on street corners pestering you for donations or taking all those inappropriate pictures with small children? He drinks of course! Santa wouldn’t be caught dead without his trusty reindeer, elves and handle of tequila. Even Santa has to have some down time to be a little naughty. Why do you think Mrs. Claus has stayed with him for so long? Definitely isn’t the North Pole that’s keeping that marriage hot. Besides, no one can deal with whiny kids for that long without needing some sort of drink. Milk isn’t going to cut it forever. This year, we’ve found that Santa has made a couple friends and been relaxing a little more than usual. Feel free to use the following pictures to justify your drinking this holiday season! If Santa can do it, so can you!




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