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NCAA Tourney Drinking Game – Sweet 16 Style

Posted March 22, 2012 by in SPORTS

We’ve made it to the Sweet 16, and since all of our brackets are entirely fucked right now, there’s a lot of drinking that we need to do in order to enjoy the rest of the tournament.

With all the No. 1 seeds left, there’s still a chance the favorites will win out, but what’s the fun in that?

Since we know you love to drink more than the average partier, we thought an updated NCAA Tourney Drinking Game would be wise. Start draining shots from way downtown… BANG!

Chug a Sip of Beer if… CBS gives some ridiculous stat about a low seed advancing either to, or past the Sweet 16.
Take a Shot if… You cry after your team wins, and your emotions just get the best of you it.
Buy a Round of Brews if… You bet your buddy the lower seed wouldn’t win, yet they did.

Chug a Beer if… CBS analysts make a cheesy-ass joke.

Take a Shot if… The college you’re watching is from the state of Ohio (Ohio State, Xavier, Cincinnati, or Ohio University)

Buy a Round of Shots if… You find yourself crying in the corner because your favorite team just lost.

Chug a Beer if… CBS makes some sort of Duke reference.
Take a Shot if… A seed higher than a 4 makes it past the Sweet 16.
Chug a Fifth if… You’re a Kentucky fan and Indiana beats you again.

Shotgun a Beer if… At this point, you just can’t stand listening to CBS.
Take a Shot if… All the No. 1 seeds make it the Final Four.
Split a Handle if… Your team makes it to the National Championship Game. Win or lose, you’ll want to either have the time of your life, or drown in your sorrows.

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