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HUMP DAY! SFP Sex Position of the Week

Posted January 16, 2013 by in SEX

Sex Position of the Week: ”Dumb-Belles”

Best Places to Use It: Just admit it, you’ve been in the gym two hours straight for the past six weeks, trying to get “swole” for your upcoming summer vacation; it’s okay. But why waste your time dealing with treadmills and competing meatheads to try and get ripped? We’d suggest getting yourself a couple girls, growing the perfect porn stache, and taking a week to really get in a great workout. Use them as weights while holding them up, and you know the sex will be the best cardio workout you’ve ever had! Why hasn’t this been your routine to begin with?

Signature Move: Well if you’ve got two girls, then you really can’t go wrong with anything! Be as creative as you want to be, because if you want to stay in shape – and continue pulling that Ménage à trois as a workout – you’re going to have to think of good ways to break a sweat with them… which shouldn’t be too tough to do.


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