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HUMP DAY! SFP Sex Position of the Week

Posted January 23, 2013 by in SEX

Sex Position of the Week: ”Crowd Please-Her”

Best Places to Use It: It is the music festival season, so why not have a little bang sesh be part of the opening act? We’re not sure anything’s better than a week worth of not showering, partying, and camping out around strangers than publicly showing how much you really care for her. Let her vocal chords hit the high notes when giving it to her right, and you may soon be the main act!

Signature Move: You’ll hopefully be surrounded by a ton of drunk, partying, music lovers, so take advantage of the situation and do it in the middle of a groove session, rubbing up against each other. We’re giving you a warning though, avoid trying during a mosh pit, that will only end up really messy!


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