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How To Be A Good Friend

Posted August 3, 2012 by in DRUNK

We all know that drinking without friends is like eating without food – pretty much impossible. But when you’re out getting rowdy with your bestests, there’s certain rules to follow if you want to build on those drunken nights together.

Like everything else, you have to know when to say yes, when to say no, and when to just sort of smile and nod – assuming you can keep your drunk head up. Because getting drunk is something to be celebrated, here are some ways to be a good friend.


Don’t Cockblock. Under no circumstances, should you ever do this. Hooking-up with other attractive coeds is a major part of college, but when your bro has already called dibs on the dimepiece in the corner, that’s a way of telling you, “Step off, bitch.” Cockblocking is a foul act, when even at your drunkest, you’re aware of what you’re doing. If you want to avoid drinking alone the rest of your life, never do this.


Always Make Sacrifices. We get it, the dude your besty is talking with is a whole lot cuter than his friend. But refer to number one on our list – and don’t cockblock. The not as cute one might not have the looks, the moves, or the status, but you’re not trying to win him over, you’re just trying to help your friend out so she has your back when you’re in opposite positions.


Be Encouraging. If they’re asking you if they should do something, it’s because they really want to, but don’t want you to hate them for it. So no matter how much you disagree with what their asking – even if it’s leaving with your ex’s best friend – you should always be giving a thumbs-up! *Note – Most of these ideas will be while shot gunning a beer, so do not puss out, and just go with it!


Work Out. While they’re puking, and you’re blackout, you’ve got to be strong enough to carry their drunk ass back home. So get to the gym and avoid cramping up. You definitely don’t want to make their weird ex come picking you both up, that’s just an awkward conversation waiting to happen.


Always Be Prepared. Whether it’s having a strobe light, shutter shades, or just a big ass bottle of rum, you’ve got to have the shit lock and ready for whatever comes your way. It may be a Monday night, and you’re meeting in the library for tomorrow’s big test, but if you’re friend’s going through it with her man, your loyalty to hit the bars will never be overlooked.




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