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Homemade Alcohol Vaporizer!

Posted June 2, 2013 by in DRUNK

So, since you OBVIOUSLY wouldn’t know anything about marijuana, since you’re a good, upstanding citizen, you would have no idea about what a vaporizer is. Through dedicated research, Sorry for Partying has learned that a vaporizer is used to smoke marijuana without actually burning the pot itself, and making you, like, really high. This is background information.

Alcohol, meanwhile, can only be enjoyed through drinking (or pouring it up your ass like a freshman in high school). UNTIL NOW! Yes, through science, has developed an alcohol vaporizer!

Now, there are other vaporizors on the market right now, but those you have to pay for. They also involve fire. The one we will show you how to make is much, much easier, portable, and non flammable.

What You’ll Need:

An empty soda bottle

An air pump with needle attached

A wine cork


How To Make It Work:

First, poke a hole in the cork roughly he size of the air pump needle. Using a nail works really well. Then push the needle so that (just) the tip is exposed through the other side.

You might need to cut the cork down a little, which you can do with a steak knife. Finally, pour your favorite liquor into the bottle, and toss in the cork.

Your machine is made. To use, pump until the bottle is hard, and then in one fluid motion, pop the cork out and bring the bottle to your mouth. You’ll notice the bottle is filled with mist. This is the alcohol vapor. Inhale.

This works because of pressure or something. We aren’t scientists. You can get pretty ripped pretty fast, but be ready for the drunk to wear off just as quick. Best part is that you won’t reek of booze, so you can go anywhere with a mild buzz on.


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