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Five Celebrities That Are (Probably) Vampires

Posted May 21, 2013 by in CELEBS

There are some celebrities out there that just don’t seem to be getting any older. Some even look better than they did 20 years ago. Here we have a list of five celebrities who we swear sold their soul to the devil in exchange for eternal youth.


Halle Berry- Call it good genes or whatever, but Ms. Berry looks even better than she did ten years ago!


Johnny Depp- Johnny’s anti-aging thing has become so popular that its led folks around the internet to call him a ‘Time Lord.’ Maybe he’s just jumping from era to era for the lulz.


Tobey Mcguire- Looks like even spidey got in on the fountain of youth deal.


Keanu Reeves- Okay so the first two pictures might be fake, but seriously look at the other ones. 1194-2008? Vampire!


Nicolas Cage- All we gotta say is: Creepy Right?!


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