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Drunkass Dispatch of the Day: Amish Paradise

Posted March 14, 2012 by in DRUNK

So let’s just get this question off our chest. How much of a drag is it being Amish? No offense to you if you are – which you can’t be, because they don’t use computers, right? Either way, talk about bad luck. You grow up completely hidden from normal society, have to wear those goofy lookin’ outfits, and in some cases, end up marrying your sister or cousin (ouch).

Okay, so it’s not totally like that, and we admit we’re being a little ignorant; (especially when you read a story like this)! Seems the Amish know how to get down just like the rest of us! We mean, damn, racing buggies, drunk, and crashing it into a cop car? Maybe we should be taking partying notes from them? (Not that we condone drinking and buggying)!
To our mennonite friends for keeping it simple as hell, yet still finding time to make their own fun, we salute you… with whatever crazy alcohol you drink.

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