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Drinking Resolutions

Posted January 2, 2013 by in DRUNK


We’ve kicked off a new year, which means you’ll be forgetting about those resolutions within the next week or so. While we’re cool with you giving up on treadmills, eating healthy and being positive, here are a couple drinking resolutions we think you need to actually stick to.


Drink Locally: Avoid the excessive cost of cabbing to and from the city, paying outrageous prices for drinks that are lacking in the alcohol content. Hit up the bars within walking distance of your house, and find a new favorite watering-hole. Lessen your chance of a DUI, meet people that actually live in your area, and save bank: it’s a win-win-win situation.


Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone: Instead of just getting the same-old rum and coke or vodka tonic, try some new drinks this year. Ask the bartender to whip up their favorite drink, or try the house special. You never know, you could find a drink that gets you drunk and actually tastes pretty damn good.


Up Your Knowledge: It’s one thing to be a drinker, its another thing to be an educated alcohol consumer. Increase your knowledge about different types of alcohol or how alcohol is made by hitting a wine tasting or taking a class at a local rec center. Not only are you learning, but you’ll be getting drunk for homework. That sounds good to us!


Explore Your Town: Have some city pride! Hit up microbreweries located in your area and know what’s going on in your hood. There’s some delicious alcohol out there just waiting to be sampled! Plus, its another reason to brag about your city and why its fucking sick.


Create Your Own Drink: This is great because, let’s face it, it’d be fucking sick to have a drink named after you, but it’s also a great way to get people to come party at your house. Invite everyone over to try your concoctions and, who knows, you could make it big! Or you could vomit… But let’s think positively and hope for making it big.


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