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Posted July 22, 2011 by in SPORTS

People love celebrities. Sure we spend a couple hours a day stalking pics of Kate Upton and Megan Fox, but that doesn’t mean we’re obsessed or anything. They put on their pants one leg at a time too, so they’re just as prone to getting weird while boozing a bit too much. For all those Lindsay Lohan’s that end up doing it on camera, we thank you for stooping to our level.


Marc Tyler, USC Running Back

The Tipsy: When you’re the projected starting running back at a powerhouse like SC, the last thing to probably do is prove how bro you are while partying a little too hard. But that’s exactly what Tyler did while out in LA, saying the Trojans are, “Breaking Bread,” when asked if they get paid more in the pros or college.

The Hangover: As if SoCal’s not in enough shit from all the allegations and penalties they already have, the school decided to suspend Tyler for the season opener against Minnesota.

Toast or Roast?: A one-gamer for going #HAM with your boys? We toast you, Marc Tyler. He said some dumb shit, but doesn’t everyone when their drunk? No one really cared about him before this, so we’d say Tyler comes out a winner on this one.


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