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Celebrity We’d Like To Party With: Nadia Cho

Posted December 11, 2012 by in CELEBS

When it comes to partying, we like to do it with the absolute best. Why party with someone who isn’t famous, or doesn’t know how to get down in all the right ways? You absolutely know we’d take Charlie Sheen as our beer pong partner any day. The question is, who else would be on our flip cup dream team? We’re determined to recruit only the elite! We love public displays of awesomeness, so here’s this week’s celebrity who caught our attention.


Who: Nadia Cho

Why: Now you may or may not have heard of Nadia Cho. She’s a sex columnist writer from the University of California Berkeley who has gotten some serious web-time this week. After writing an article in her weekly column about having sex all over the Berkeley Campus, Nadia went viral, reminding us of that couple from the University of Southern California.

Apparently she’s been contacted by The Huffington Post, and the New York offices of The Daily MailInside Edition and The New York Daily News. That is one public romp!

We salute Nadia for having the balls to get it on in three different campus locations in the middle of the day and then letting the entire world know about it (Nadia was also featured in a British tabloid and Taiwanese news video). Even better than all this was Nadia’s reaction of, “Do people on the east coast not have sex?” to her questioning.

We are all for having a good time on campus, so cheers to you Nadia Cho!

Drink of Choice: Sex on the Beach Desk


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