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Celebrity Drink Of The Week: The Grumpy Cat

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Posted July 14, 2013 by in DRUNK


It’s finally Friday, and we know everyone’s itching to get off work/school/the couch and grab a drink (or twenty) with their friends this evening. How are we so sure? Because we’re right there with you.

In light of the epicness that is the weekend, we’re here to offer you our drink pick of the week. There’s no doubt that shots and beer are always fun, but sometimes it’s nice to get a little weird. Why not broaden your horizons a little? Try out this new conCOCKtion tonight to liven up your evening. Trust us, you won’t regret it.


Our favorite little asshole, GrumpyCat has been plaguing our minds recently. With internet fandom, an upcoming movie, and millions of fans, we thought it was necessary to give GrumpyCat her own drink of the week. This drink is a little bit chunky, a little bit nutty, but has all the backtalk and eye rolling that we expect from GrumpyCat. Cheers to you, kitty!


1 part amaretto liquor

1 part Baileys

1 party Kahlua

chocolate syrup

splash of Coke

biscotti stick


Pour in the amaretto first, followed by the Baileys and Kahlua. Splash a little bit of coke in there for some fizz. Finally drizzle the chocolate syrup on top and garnish with the biscotti stick. Viola! You’re very own GrumpyCat beverage. We gave some to Tommy Lee Jones the other day, safe to say we think he enjoyed it.