An elegant way to apologize for everything so wrong yet so right



Best Disses in Music

Here at Sorry for Partying, we’re all about serving justice. There’s nothing more satisfying than dropping an amazing one-liner insult to a deserving human, and there are certain artists who have this down to a science.


Reasons To See Macklemore Live

Here are 5 reasons you need to spend your money on something other than booze (we know, it's scary): a Macklemore concert.


Mean Girls: Rapper Edition

It's a fact that you can not watch Mean Girls without turning into some kind of quoting monster. The movie exemplifies so many people's high school experiences (though exaggerated) and you can't help but scope out the Regina or...


How to Handle Music Festival Disasters

When attending a huge outdoor music festival full of people and mind-altering substances, a lot could go wrong. But we at Sorry for Partying enthusiastically believe in accepting what we cannot change.


The 5 People You Will Find At Music Festivals

Combine great music with open spaces, party people, and bold fashion choices and you have the ideal recipe for a weekend of jammin'.


Why The Douche With The Guitar Gets Ladies

Let’s examine this phenomenon one step at a time...


Your Official Between-The-Sheets Playlist

Don't worry, frisky readers, we've got you covered.


Justin Bieber Wants This Picture Removed From The Internet

Now why Justin Bieber doesn't want this picture floating around on the internet, we just really don't understand...


Five Reasons Why You Should Make Your Girlfriend A Mixtape

Here at Sorry for Partying we believe in making a bit of an effort so we think mixtapes are the perfect nostalgia bomb to get your girlfriend to love you again...or keep loving you.


Five Reasons Why You Should Get A Record Player

Remember those really old players your parents had that played what looked like really big black CDs? Yeah, those are called record players and they're making a comeback.