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BILLY BOY’S “Just the Tip”: How to Get Her to Open The Backdoor

Posted June 1, 2012 by in SEX

Let’s get to the bottom of this real quickly. If your sweetie is game for some backdoor play, you need to get this thing right — if she has a painful experience, your chances of keeping that backstage pass are slim to none.

Anal action can be pleasurable for both parties when done properly, so to insure your night doesn’t end up like Tucker Max’s famous anal adventure follow these tips.


You Need Lube. This is a non-negotiable fact of backdoor action, and for good reason. The tissues of the rectum do not produce their own lady slip during arousal like her hot box does. You don’t want any friction, because friction equals pain, and pain equals a quick exit. Lube up.


Warm Her Up. Foreplay is crucial to a positive anal adventure. The b-hole is made up of two sets of sphincter muscles, one is controlled voluntarily, and the other is not. You’ve got to relax your lady for her internal sphincter to loosen up. Take your time and get her engine revved.


Wrap it Up! No bare backing, gentleman. Condoms are a must. Anal tissues are more prone to bleeding. Hygiene is another issue here. We both know what comes out of that tight spot when you’re not playing with it. Double dipping is also off the menu. Your lady friend could get a nasty infection. If you switch up the location, grab another BILLY BOY Special Power.


Take it Slow. Make sure she’s relaxed and comfortable. If she complains of pain, slow it down, add some lube, or try a different position.


Be a Gentleman. Pay ample attention to her hot button while you’re creeping through the backdoor. Making her climax during your play session will increase your chances of getting asked to come back another time. Earn bonus points by hopping in the shower together afterwards. She just let you put it in her ass, now you best be up for some pampering.


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