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BILLY BOY’s “Just the Tip”: Advice to Help You Do It Better This Weekend

Posted March 22, 2012 by in SEX

Ever wonder why your friend always hooks up with the hottest chicks, while you go home with a mad case of blue balls? Let BILLY BOY solve your deprived nights. We’re going to lay it out for you pure and simple: If you want to get laid this weekend, all you have to do is this!

Before you walk in the room, you need to own your shit. That’s right. Ladies can smell confidence, and if you don’t have it, you best fake it till you make it. This doesn’t mean you get to act like an asshole either. When you get to the party, check your posture. Head up, young son. Smile. Survey the room and catch the eye of a few cute chicks. Grab a drink and….

Go for your target right away. This comes back to the confidence factor. If you make some eye contact with a woman, grab hold of your balls and go talk to her, like now! The more you lurk, the creepier you become. Note, you don’t really need to adjust your package before saying hello.

Introduce yourself: Really guys, don’t over think this move. Say hello, and start talking about a neutral subject. You’re not going to comment about her hot ass or tits off the bat… even though that’s all you’re thinking about. Comment about the music, booze, host, and probably mutual friend to get the light small talk started. If she eye fucked you back on the way in, you should be good to go chat her up right away.

Lock in on your target: Chicks like attention. If a woman is reciprocating in conversation, don’t be a dumbass and leave her to talk to another hottie. You’ve got to zone in and make an effort. Offer to fill up her drink when she needs it. Party getting loud and rowdy? You’re the human shield that’s not going to let your drunken amigo bump into her and spill her drink. Pay attention to her body language. A girl that wants you around will face you, with arms uncrossed, and lean in to share space. You get extra points if she’s touching you to make a point when you talk. The accidental brush across your arm with her tits isn’t an accident. You’re in.

Separate her from the herd: If you know what’s good for you, you’ll treat her girlfriends like royalty too. That means including them into group conversation, and offering to refill their keg cups. When the timing’s right, a simple, “Hey, it’s getting pretty loud in here, want to go out to the deck?” should do the job in getting your girl alone.

Offer to ‘walk her home’: Doing this in front of her friends earns you points, and gives her the option to take you home, or shack at yours without looking like a floozy in front of her girlfriends. The key’s to stop midway, and go in for the kiss if you haven’t already. You know if she’s game for it. Don’t be a pussy, make your move! The guys that fail end up in the friend zone, and once you’re there, you best kiss your chances of tasting her honey pot sayonara.

Know when to bail: Yes, we want you to be confident, but there’s a way to do it without looking like a jackass. If the chick in question isn’t responsive to conversation, demonstrates closed body language by adverting her eyes, crossing her arms, or creating more space between the two of you, please do yourself a favor and cut your losses. There’s plenty of girls that will eat it up, so don’t wast your time. This comes back to the confidence point. You know that you’re a good enough guy not to waste your time. Back off, and find a chick that’s into it. Now go forth and hook up!

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