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A Beginners Guide to Day Drinking

Posted August 8, 2012 by in DRUNK

Day drinking is one of the greatest inventions mankind has ever conceived. Imagine the craziness you have on your average Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night, and double that since you’ll be making terrible decisions for at leat 15 hours!

Since day drinking is a sacred act, it should never be corrupted by overusage. Naturally, there have to be some guidelines, so here are a couple to abide by.


Pick the Right Booze: When you drink at night, you start late, and end after about five or six hours. When you day drink, you never stop drinking – it just transitions into night time drinking. So do yourself a favor and get yourself something you can kill all day without getting too messed up. You wouldn’t want to pass out early and have a hangover at 5pm. That’s just a terrible, terrible thing to do.


Get a Grill, a Cooler and Appropriate Food: Good, you have your rack of Busch, Keystone, or whatever other skunk piss you chose for this event. Now you need to track down a grill and food to go with it, and a cooler to keep those beers cold is crucial. The best part of day drinking has to be the fact it goes hand in hand with grilling.


Set Up a Sound System or the Closest Thing to One: Nothing is more awkward than a silent party. One of your friends has to have a decent iTunes library and sound dock, so fuckin’ use it! If need be, use a damn car. Just park it right in the middle of everything, since you’ll probably be outside anyways.


Let the Drinking Games Begin: Pong tables (we’ve got those), flip cup, stump (incredible game), polish horseshoes, corn hole, BearPong. These are just a couple suggestions, but play whatever else you can make up. Commence the raging!


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