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6 Pranks to Piss off Your Roommates

Posted December 13, 2012 by in SCHOOL

There’s a lot of free time in college. Most freshmen have found managing this free time to be one of the hardest transitions when going from high school to college. Some say that this free time should be filled with copious amounts of alcohol, matched with a giant group of hot girls.

We at SFP agree, but your bro-hater parents might not. So what should we do with all of this free time? Before you say masturbate, let us give you some pranks to pull on your roommates to show them how hilarious you are.


1. Mess With Their Computer. If one of your roommates has left you with their computer, than they are obviously an idiot. The possibilities are endless. Changing their Facebook status is a classic, but it’s time to raise the bar. Go ahead and change their homepage to some interesting porn, or set a ridiculous screen saver. Hopefully they bring their computer to class, or try to put on some music at your next rager, so hilarity can ensue at their expense.


2. Switch Phone Contacts. Does your roommate always talk about that girl or guy that they really like? Next time they’re dumb enough to leave their phone around, take it and switch that crush’s number with their Mom’s number. So the next time they send a text saying, “I miss you,” or ,“I can’t wait to see you again!” it goes to Mom instead of that crush. Let that sink in for a second. It actually works out for everyone. You get to laugh and make fun of your friend once they actually figure it out, their Mom will think their son or daughter loves them as much as any rapper, and they just got the upper hand by playing hard to get (hopefully).


3. Confetti Air Ducts. This is an easy one for any rookie prankster. If your roommate leaves there car unlocked, go ahead and fill the air ducts with confetti. While the car is off, make sure you switch the A/C to the max and point them straight up. Now the next time they get in the car and turn it on, they’ll think they’re Rick James, because it’s a celebration bitches. If you really want to be an asshole, use glitter instead of confetti. Glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts, it’s never completely gone.


4. Plastic Wrap Anything. What else is there to say that hasn’t already been said? Be original with it. If your roommate is staying late at the library, then punish that nerd by plastic wrapping his bed. Is your roommate passed out drunk on the couch? Wrap him up like a giant drunken cocoon. As funny as it is to plastic wrap someone’s car, it’s been done a billion times, so be more original with it.


5. Put Something in Jello. We pulled this one from Jim Halpert, the classic prankster from “The Office”. Chances are, there’s something in your apartment or dorm that your roommate loves and can’t live without. Maybe a fake ID for example. Why not take this precious item, and test your roommates love for it by forcing them to eat their way to it? See if they can turn into the Joey Chestnut of jello.


6. Backpack Flip. Who wears a backpack in college? Us at SFP don’t even bring paper to class. If Weezy doesn’t write shit down, than neither do we. So if you ever catch your roommate with a backpack, then do him or her a favor, take everything out, flip it inside out, and put everything back in and zip it back up. This should send the message. If they still use the backpack, then try zip tying it tight enough for them to never get the damn thing open again. If you see them, show signs of struggle, crack a smile, or toss ‘em a beer, because your prank has been deemed a success.


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