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5 Things to Do in Class

Posted November 28, 2012 by in SCHOOL

We’re guessing that if you’re in a classroom, than you’re probably bored. If you’re like us, you’ve lost interest after the first 15 minutes, and would rather spot the hottest girls in class. So now we have to think of something to entertain ourselves for the whole semester.

Life is tough, but there’s no need to worry. Here are a few things to keep you occupied for the next few weeks before that Winter Break gives us some time away.


5. Make Plans For Later. It’s time to order some kegs and text your bros to prepare for the pregame. It’s never too early to rally your troops. So start doing something while you’re sitting there doing nothing, and your afternoon and evening will end up being the only reason you got out of bed today.


4. Text Some Slam Pieces. Get your phone out and prepare your best herd of grass fed, USDA Grade A, slut horses for a wild night of drinking and debauchery. And who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll invite some friends.


3. Bring Your Computer. When you have the internet, the possibilities are endless. You can read some baller ass articles on , or order some fly new gear. Or maybe go on Facebook and holler at some ladies.

Feel free to go crazy, but stay away from the porn. You don’t want to be known as the weird kid in class that watches porn.


2. Make Some Friends. Friends in your class can be super valuable. They can remind you when you have shit due, or they can send you notes when you are too hungover to make it to class.

Meet them. Utilize them. Love them.


1. Leave… Or Just Don’t Go. Nothing says “I’m a badass” like walking out of your class during the middle of a lecture.  Personally, we think it’s impossible to listen to someone talk for that long—which probably explains why we’re single—but there’s tons of reasons why you might not even show up in the first place.

We try to crank up our excuse machines every day.

“I’m too tired.” “I’m too hungover.” Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter, we ain’t mad at you.

Some of you bros are probably saying, “But dude, what if I had a girl sleep over last night?” GO TO CLASS. Or pretend to go to class.  This is the easiest way to escape that next morning’s awkward conversation. What else needs to be said? The deed has been done.


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    Carlyle Tiller

    I appreciate it brother. Make sure you mark your calendar and prepare for liquor day. Thanks for the support.



    Another knee-slappin article bro. You speak da truth n make it funny as hell when you do it. Keep doin ya thang an I’ll keep readin em. Maybe one day we can party togetha, or go balls deep in a dime. Until then, keep it real.

    -Real Talk

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