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5 Drinking Debates Yet to Be Solved

Posted July 9, 2012 by in DRUNK


Beer pong is the greatest drinking game!

For:  It’s the simplest game to play and understand. You can literally waste an entire night doing nothing but listening to music, refilling solo cups, and running the table.

Against: Have you heard of the game flip cup or sink the biz? I’d say those are a ton easier to understand, incorporates more people in a game, and gets you a ton drunker in shorter time. Beer Pong? What game rewards the loser by drinking more?



If you pass out with your shoes on, you will be drawn on.

For: I don’t give a shit if you’ve drunk all day long, and you’ve been the life of the party, if you pass out while people are still raging, you’re getting a face full of ink. It’s a rule that’s been around since pirates were around! Deal with it!

Against: So you’re gonna punish me for carrying this lame-ass party until people actually showed up? It’s not my fault I was still HAM from last night when I got here, running on zero sleep, and decided to lay down for a hot minute.



Drinking increases your sex drive.

For: The only time I hook-up is when I’m drinking. Therefore, it’s a fact I, along with everyone else around me, is hornier and more willing to bang while drinking. How do you think porn’s filmed? Not soberly.

Against: Actually, Casanova, drinking lowers your inhibition, which makes you more likely to actually swallow your fear of talking to the opposite sex. So as much as you think drinking leads you to bonin’, you can probably just do the same thing sober.


Beer before liquor, never been sicker.

For: I drink all the damn time, and I know that the only time I barf is when I own some beer-drinking game, then order rounds of shots for the entire bar. I know how to handle my alcohol, so what else can it be?

Against: Sure it’s bad to mix a ton of drinks, but the rumor of beer before liquor is a fuckin’ joke. It’s simple, you drink too much, you’re probably not as big of a partier as you’re sure you are.



Alcohol makes even a a quiet person, the life of the party.

For: Have you seen the movie Superbad? When on earth would McLovin have even talked to a girl, let alone bang one? It’s scientific fact that it drinking lowers your inhibition, so you know this shit’s true!

Against: There’s absolutely no way to argue this. Although we could go the route of alchy being a depressant, but why take the fun out of drinking?


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