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5 Creepy Dudes to Avoid at Bars

Posted October 17, 2012 by in DRUNK

Bars are the best time to score some ass. Mixing alcohol with friends gets us wild, and shows-off that even the nerdy math major has some game. Problem is, there’s a couple guys who use that alchy to prey on those drunker souls, only to make their move at the most opportunistic time.

If you find yourself within 20 feet of these types of creeps, be cautious and prepared. Don’t say we didn’t warn your ass!



The Clingy Guy. Poor dude. He just doesn’t get it. If he seems too friendly, cut him off, and fast! you don’t want to spend the entire night trapped in a corner and he talks about his major, best buddies, and how he’s so focused on “making it” after graduation. Don’t even give him a hint that you’re not into him, he won’t get it.



The Underage Guy. If his fake doesn’t give it away, (which he’ll be bragging about to anyone as a surefire giveaway), maybe his lack of tolerance will! Avoid getting too close to this little guy so not to make out with him and find out he’s either younger than your little brother, or Justin Bieber. Baby, baby, baby… his Mom will rock him to sleep while he’s around the toilet puking.



The “I’m Just Trying to Get By” Guy. This dude’s handsier than a TSA agent. He’ll grab your waist, chest and ass in a swift move. Pat down anyone? Upon your dirty look after his grab, he’ll look at you with a, “I’m just trying to weave through.” Sure, bro, then why’d you unhook my bra on your way by?



The Geriatric Guy. Seriously, how old are you? I’m not all that impressed with your money or cool car. Our guess is it’s probably a Buick Somerset anyway! Why the fuck are you even here? Do we have grandparents day at this school? This guy is only good for buying drinks and ditching because you broke his cane while ripping shots.



This Guy. ‘Nuff Said.


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