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10 Very Cool Koozies

Posted January 31, 2013 by in DRUNK

We work at a company called Sorry for Partying, so it’s probably not a secret that we like to get fucked up! It’s actually a goal of ours to hit a Happy Hour every week on Thursday for the entire year. At first that might not seem so impossible. But when you add in we usually blackout and end up pissing our pants, well, it changes your mind a little bit doesn’t it?

Since no one likes to do all that drinking with condensation on their hands, we stick to a trusty koozie. It makes it easier to both man-up and chug our beer, and brag about how much cooler our beer holder is than anyone else’s in the bar. We’ll never lose when rocking that SFP one, but her are a couple that at least can compete!



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